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How to crimp rj45 connectors?

Optical fiber cable consists of two or more glass or plastic optical fiber cores, these fiber cores are in a protective cladding, covered by plastic PVC outer sleeve. Optical fiber cable is a communication cable.

Twisted pair can be divided into shielded twisted pair (STP) and unshielded twisted pair (UTP). The most suitable plug for STP is shielded RJ45 Plug. If you are curious of more difference between STP and UTP, you can click to another article <Unshielded Cable VS Shielded Cable>.

Look at the little thing inserts your device’s jack, which is rj45, plays an indispensable role in Internet. How this little object is assembled?

Generally speaking, when it comes to make a network cable by yourself, there are two sets of solutions I suggest you to do that. If you are merely focusing on the Ethernet cable including Cat 5/5e/6 making, the rj45 crimper tool which with matched rj45 pass through connectors suits you best. Another one is using the rj45 modular plug crimping tool to crimp Ethernet cable rj45 connectors that with a dovetail clip, which is more feasible for Cat 7. 


Let us turn to rj45 connectors.

Firstly, a dovetail clip designed to make the network cable firmly connected and not loose (Supports 23 to 26 AWG round or flat solid or stranded wire, for wire core OD 1.35~1.45mm) so that your signal transmission is stable.

Secondly, nickel-plated shielded metal enclosure shields interference to ensure signal stability. In general, it best applies to rj45 connectors terminate Cat 6/6A/7 solid or stranded conductors, consequently the three-point staggered with 50 micron gold-plated contacts inside provide faster speed with less interference.

If you choose this rj45 connector with the clip, the rj45 modular plug crimping tool is your only choice which enables you to make the clip contact fixed closer.

Besides, the load bar is necessary to arrange the wires neatly and fix them tightly. Make sure the OD of your wires are between 1.35~1.45 mm (in case of any problems may happen).


rj45 connector


As shown in the fellows, you need to keep the order according to T568B Standard RJ45 pins.


rj45 connector

Next, cut the wires from the downside Brown to upside Orange+White in an oblique angle. You’d better reserve a length of about 2.5cm of the Orang+White wire, and make sure the angle is not too steep.

Then we put the wires into the load bar in turn. Remember the bar is put lower under the shortest, the Brown wire. Meanwhile, double checking your colors are correctly on their places. After that, take up your plug and close to the wires, make the downside insulation of the exposed wires align the bottom of the plug, if no problem, there could be a length of about 1.5cm reserved. Then you can cut the wires horizontally.

    In the next step we can assemble the plug. The key point is ensuring the wires are pushed to the end of the plug’s holes. If there are some problems causing yours poor use, possibly you got something wrong here. So carefully notice this step!

    Then, it’s time for our Cable Crimping Tool. After unlocking, put the plug into the crimping tool and crimp it, just like you are using the stapler. What we need to do next is winding the shield braiding wires downside of the plug and then make the fixed buckle closer of the crimping tool fix cable by crimping again.

    Finally, upward insert the cable cap which we remain in the first step into the plug.

    That’s it! By the simplified process diagram you can see it is definitely not a hard work, right? To make sure if it works, you can insert the cable tester.

    As I say, another kind of connector is ez rj45 pass through connectors, which mostly let you quickly and easily create category 6 cables in preferred lengths, and it’s suitable for wire OD ∅0.93 ~ ∅1.04, multi-stranded and single-stranded cables 23AWG ~ 26AWG. Although there is still three-point staggered with gold-plated contacts inside as the former one, the appearance of it is transparent which allows you to identify wire sequence and then eliminate scrap or improper crimps. Furthermore, compared with the former one, you do not need a load bar to help arrange wires in result of this pass-thru design simplifies terminations as wires are inserted through the connector and out the other side. You can imagine how fast and convenient it is! Once you wear the core wire into the rj45 plug, put the plug into the ez rj45 crimper tool——crimp! Meanwhile, the extra wires of the front-end will be directly cut off. Then you finish it.

    To be more specific, firstly, insert a cable cap into the wire for later use. Before the next step, unlock the Pass-Thru Modular Wire Crimper firstly. You press down the handle to roll out the lock button. Then you can go on.

    Then terminal measures 3cm in length, followed by putting the Ethernet cable into the “STRIP” hole of ourcrimper and fixed on that place, then just rotate it in a circle so that you can easily cut the 3cm skin of insulation with the inner sharp blade.

    After the step you can see the exposed four twisted pair wires in all colors. Separate the wires into single and cut off the Al foil or film inside as well. Just like what we did before, arrange the wires according to T568B Standard. 

    Next, same as the step in rj45 modular plug crimping tool, you cut the wires from the downside Brown to upside Orange+White in an oblique angle and cut the wires horizontally.

    Finally, you wear the core wire into the RJ45 plug—crimp plug—complete.

    Both two ways are excellent corresponding with your needs to crimp rj45 connectors due to making a network cable by yourself. Consider it as an enjoyable DIY activity which you may just do few times. To some extent, it’s a way to explore the network world, which only belongs to wired network. Besides, choose best components for your wired network do benefit you a lot. Do not believe that? Please turn to the article《Is the wired network inferior to wireless network?》,you might agree with my opinion after reading.



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