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Instructions | Male to Female HDMI Extension Cable: Larger, Realer, and Better

As mentioned before, due to its high-quality screen sharing, people are able to entertain themselves on larger screens with the help of Male to Female HDMI Extension Cable and HDMI Male to Female Adapter Cable, which makes the slogan “the larger, the better” an appropriate advertising. The supplemental function of Male to Female HDMI Extension Cable has made it crucial in the achievement of the screen sharing. In effect, not only does it facilitate the two screen sharing mode, but also plays an effective role in the sync of the 3D data.


Difference :1.4 HDMI Version &  2.0 HDMI Version

Yet all the HDMI cable products provide occupants with the superior 3D viewing experience. To classify, the 1.4 HDMI version of the Male to Female HDMI Extension Cable supports higher resolution than the 1.2 or 1.3 version, which is more comprehensively compatible to the home HDTV, available for the latest 3D features with high-quality 3D effects and the transmission of the 4K video data at the maximum of the 3840 X 2160DPI and the 30FPS. It allows occupants to build up a home 3D cinema, at the same time, enjoy the visual enjoyments on a panoramic screen.

On the other hand, the 2.0 HDMI version offers an incredible bandwidth at the velocity of 18Gbps, the resolution ratio of 3840 X 2160DPI as well as the frame rate of up to 50FPS and 60FPS. However, there is neither new connector nor adapter attached to the new version, which means that the two versions are basically tightly connected. That is to say, in essence, the advanced 2.0 version is more like a modified, leveled-up product of the original 1.4 version than a replacement.


hdmi extension:female to male

The superiority of the 2.0 version could be even more impressive. It allows the synchronous transmission of the dual video streams to multiple users on the same screen. Plus, simultaneous transmission of multiple audio streams is applicable for up to four users. It also supports 21:9 ultra wide screen display, dynamic synchronization of video and audio streams and up to 32 audio channels at 1536kHz sampling rate. Facing the two options of the product, most of users are inclined to the 2.0 version after considering all the conveniences it could provide.


 Digging Part —— 3D Effects

Male to Female HDMI Extension Cable offers users the relaxing 3D viewing experience with these two dominant versions in the market. It meets with the higher resolution, vertrefresh and color depth, supporting 1080P HD videos. Users could simply bring a 3D DVD and pairs of 3D glasses home, then turn on the HDTV which is 3D enabled and plug the HDMI Male to Female Adapter Cable into it and match the Male to Female HDMI Extension Cable with the adapter, the whole family is able to watch a free 3D movie at home. An utilitarian home theater therefore comes into service.


Tyler Kane (A 3D movie enthusiast) —— the product is a gospel for all the theater goers.

“with a simple cable, no need to go to the cinema especially when it’s raining or cold outside. Before my purchasement, I don not have such a long cable. Now the problem is perfectly solved, as the extension cable extends the adapter cable, making it available in a more capacious space. I shall mention that Avatar is super suitable to watch on the 3D TV at home, which we had watched together for more than 5 times.” 


For this concern, the slogan is supposed to be modified as “the larger, the realer, the better”. Similar comments are common in the Amazon.

In another word, the positive feedback reflects exactly that the convenience of watching the 3D movies the HDMI Male to Female Adapter Cable and the Male to Female HDMI Extension Cable have given rise to is undoubtedly remarkable.

HDMI extension


More Advantages - The Novelty about the Larger Screens

Despite the obvious positives of the availability of 3D viewing experience, the superiority of larger screens still remain a confusion to those who have not enjoyed the pleasure brought by the screen sharing modes - the mirror mode and the extended mode.

Through these two modes, users are able to transfer digital and audio data to the larger screen and manipulate two screens at the mean moment. Even so, is watching TV shows or playing games on a panoramic screen a distinctive, remarkable recreational experience? To clarify the advantages of the large-screen entertainments, many an occupants have already given their answers.

hdmi extension

A survey conducted to examine 600 users’ viewpoints of the screen sharing has drawn a conclusion supported by a series of precise statistics. Nearly 72 percents of the interviewees present an idea of the free from of the visual-audio entertainments, which is achieved thanks to the screen sharing modes. That is mainly because the product allows them to use two devices respectively at the same time.


Jamie (one occupant)—— the product was available in many a situations

“You could use it at home, in the bedroom, if it is big enough, or in the living room, so that all the families and guests could enjoy the movie together on a large screen. Besides, it is possible for you to watch the 3D movies from a movie-size screen, which offers you a more theater-like experience.”


The survey then suggests that they are mainly obsessed with the possibilities the HDMI Male to Female Adapter Cable and the Male to Female HDMI Extension Cable induce in various occasions. To an extent, it is the multiple purposes the cable provide with that attracts a mass of the occupants.


Details of the Distinctiveness

The product is also more than utilitarian in its quality and compatibility. It has a standard, durable appearance, gilded, along with the 24K gold plated HDMI connector and the 20pin copper wire.

Since it is made of the waterproof and lasting materials resistant to water splashes, drops and dumps in the everyday use, users could tuck it away or fold it up casually without any concerns about the harms to its performance. However, users should note that the product is not supposed to be put in the damp conditions, so as to avoid any potential risks.

The frequent excessive bending of the cable should be avoided as well, since it is still cannot be hundred percents guaranteed that the blending would not damage the cable core or shielding layer of the product.

In addition to the compatibility, it can be widely used on every HDMI enabled device that allows the data transmission, including DVD, satellite boxes, LCD, video monitors or projectors, laptop(such as MacBooks, Chromebook Pixel, Lenovo Yoga 900, Yoga3Pro, Dell XPS 13 (9350), Dell XPS 15 9550, HP Spectre X2), XBOX, set-top box, plasma and HDTV, etc. The distinguished compatibility has made it a facile task for occupants to plug it into different devices as long as it is in line with the HDMI standard, which is competitive compared with the lightning to USB cable, because the latter one is confined to the Apple products only.

hdmi extension


Different from USB-A cable 

Unlike the original USB-A cable typically used on the Android devices, which requires the occupants to plug with a specific side, the Male to Female HDMI Extension Cable is quite convenient in this minor use. Occupants do not have to turn the cable around deliberately before plugging it in, instead, they could even plug the product into the device in poor lighting conditions.

Regardless of the series of advantages discussed above, the product could combine the two HDMI cables, linking one cable to the other, therefore extending the original length of the HDMI Male to Female Adapter Cable. In this regard, occupants are no longer bothered by the troubles caused by the length of the HDMI cable, yet could enjoy the expected convenience as they like.

Nonetheless, there is no definite need to pursue exceedingly long cables. As a matter of fact, the theoretical transmission of the distance a single HDMI cable could afford is in the range of 10 to 15 meters, but in practice, it usually would not require a serious standard for the length. 

The classification of the HDMI ports merits attention as well. The ports are divided into the standard one, the mini and the micro ones. Most HDMI ports on mobile phones are micro ports with a width of 6mm, while those on the cameras are mostly mini HDMI ports with a width of 10.5mm. The standard HDMI ports on TVS and computers are the Type HDMI A with a width of 14.4mm. Due to the volume limitation, the HDMI interface on the HD MP4 is, in many cases, the mini port. Faced with different HDMI ports, occupants could not but choose the connectors and adapters that suit for the size of the ports.


Difference between HDMI and DVI

Apart from the characteristics of the HDMI products previously, there are a number of occupants still perplexed at the difference between HDMI and DVI.

Frankly speaking, DVI(Digital Visual Interface) is used for the full digital signal transmission with no extra compression at the maximum of the speed of 8Gbps. The connectors of the DVI are divided into two types - 24 + 1 (DVI-D) and 24 + 5 (DVI-I). Of them, DVI-I is supportive of simultaneously transmit digital (DVI-D) and analog signals (VGA). In general, the graphics card of HTPC is usually compatible to the DVI-I connector, while the LCD and projector are available for the DVI-D connector.

Although the DVI-D and the DVI-I is compatible with one another, the adapter of the DVI-I could not be plugged into the DVI-D connector. By contrast, HDMI cable seems further more comprehensive in compatibility, which makes it more flexible in use.

hdmi extension.png


The full name of the HDMI is High-Definition Multimedia Interface. It is regarded as the latest digital video interface, mainly used for transmitting 4K 1080p high-revolution videos, supporting the audio sync of 92kHz digital audio from eight channels or that of 96kHz from a sole channel. Hence the HDMI products are, on many occasions, more multipurpose compared with the DVI products.

Via the elaborated exploration of various details about the Male to Female HDMI Extension Cable, the answer to the advantages of the product is obvious. With all the services provided, it responds to most of individuals’ needs and expectations in entertainments and work, which distinguish its values from the like products and elevates its commercial status in the market as well.






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