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Instructions | The most Necessary Cables for TV

One night, I was watching Trump's impeachment news at home with great interest. Suddenly, there was lightning and thunder. I was worried about my TV, and I thought of VCE, a shop where I had bought some on Amazon before. As I searched through the whole website, I found an F Type adapter called lightning protector in shop, which can solve this problem and be used between two RG6 cables. When the current is overloaded, the large resistance in the lightning protector will protect the TV from being damaged. I placed an order of 2-pack immediately and received it the next day. So long as a quick installation, I felt at ease suddenly.

After that, I would never worry about my TV in thunderstorms again. They make me very safe.


F-type keystone jack


A few days ago, a friend of mine was decorating a new house and didn't know how to choose wall plate. Because some of them just with network port, some with cable TV port. I told him that he could buy blank wall plate, rj45 keystone jack insert and f type keystone jack insert for network and TV, so that he could match it freely.

My friend thought it made sense, so he immediately went to Amazon looking for it. He was too anxious to wait for Black Friday. So he bought it directly. After all, time is money.






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