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Instructions | USB Type-C Cable: Facts you should know

The rise of USB C Cable nowadays is neither surprising nor one-off. For those perplexed in selecting the proper cable, we offer an elaborated introduction especially to the USB Type C Cable in the following, which should be helpful in a way.

USB Type C Cable allows you to charge your mobile phone, tablet and iPad, power your smart devices as well as transfer a deluge of data, including photos, music and videos, to laptops at the speeds from 480Mbps up to 10Gbps. USB C Charging Cable supports 60W/3A of power, having the devices fully charged at a prompt speed. USB A-C Cable is the most common, connecting the USB-A enabled devices and the USB-C ones.

What worth mentioning is that the DP To HDMI DisplayPort Cable is particularly suitable for the high-speed sync of video data, enabling monitors to provide the occupants with the ultra HD 1080p video resolution. Type C mainly serves as a stable and secure port carrying myriads of both digital and audio signal from the compatible devices without compressing the data quality.  


USB Type C Cable is compatible for USB-C enabled devices

  • new MacBooks
  • Chromebook Pixel
  • Lenovo Yoga 900
  • Yoga3Pro
  • Dell XPS 13 (9350)
  • Dell XPS 15 9550
  • HP Spectre X2
  • HP x360 Samsung Galaxy Note 8/ S8/ S8 Plus
  • HTC U11
  • ... 


Broadly speaking, the USB Type C Cable has been regarded as the most compatible product in the current market. The next level of the evolution of USB Type C Cable is the comprehensive popularization of compatibility, exempting any possible inconvenience with regard to its adaptability to different devices.

One interesting topic could be discussed is that <Will USB Tyoe-C replace HDMI?>


Attention: some cables are one-way transfered

For example, this VCElink USB Type-C cable cannot transfer data from HDMI to USB.

usb-typec VCElink: 


Recently, USB Type C Cable is specifically welcome among computer technicians, official clerks, college students and other groups of people exposed to electronic devices frequently.


Alex Miles : (from Amazon)

- whether the USB Type C Cable was durable, noting that several of his previous cables had a life span of only three or four months?


It is generally believed that the cable will be worn out  after a period of use. Well, this situation is less likely to apply to the USB Type C Cable, for it is specially designed smaller in size, which guarantees its good resistance to mill. And it is waterproof, the further concerns on its performance as the water splashed on the cable are unnecessary.

However, one point should paid attetion is that the cable is not supposed to be exposed to extreme temperature or stroke by the great force. Also, occupants shall remember to unplug the cable after each use, so as to avoid damage to the cable due to excessive power.


 type c

Aaron Lanchester (from Amazon)

- It is true that the speed of data transfer is satisfactory, yet the stability is a failure, for the transfer might be discontinued all of a sudden, which can be quite annoying.


The cable itself is authentic and is appropriately used. Make sure that you do not buy a faked product or the one fails to meet the quality standard. If such situation happens again, more attention should be paied to the network connection, because the unstable connection is usually considered to be the major cause that results in the frequent discontinuation of the data transfer.

In addition, the performance of device can account for this phenomenon as well. If the device is aging and out-dated, the stability with regard to the sync of data can be negatively influenced, which requires real-time updates of inner system and cleanup for applications not commonly used. The procedures being checked up and done step by step, the data is transfered further more stable and smoother.

A typical question about the USB Type C Cable focuses on the relation between the Type C and the USB standard. Frankly speaking, there is no explicit relationship, since they are barely discussed under the same concept. Type C is basically an exterior connector for USB, while the USB standard is simply the standard for connector that distinguishes the different data delivering speeds.

On April this year, the USB-IF organization just issued a brand new standard USB 3.2, which makes the super speed of 20Gbs possible. More importantly, this newly implemented standard is announced to be only adapted to Type C connector, highlighting the outstanding advantage of USB Type C Cable. At this level, the DP To HDMI DisplayPort Cable and the USB A-C Cable are presumed to lead a future fashion in the market in upcoming years.

USB C USB type-C is a new type of USB interface (USB interface also includes type-A and type-B), which adopts the latest USB 3.1 standard. released by usb-if in august 2014, it is a brand new interface developed by the usb standardization organization to solve the problem of long-term inconsistency of physical interface specifications and unidirectional transmission of electric energy. Set charging, display, data transmission and other functions in one. Most of the new Android phones in 2019 have C-type interfaces. 

As is discussed at length above, we hope you have a general idea of the USB Type C Cable we introduce. If you have any further question, please inform us, or browse for the pages provided of all the products mentioned previously to take in more relevant information. In addition, if you encounter any problem using it, please leave us a message and we will find you solutions as soon as possible.





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