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Difference | Unshielded Cable VS Shielded Cable

STP ( Shielded twisted pair cable) refers to the cable that uses a metal mesh braided layer made of copper or copper podium (aluminum) to wrap the inner signal line.

 UTP(Unshielded twisted pair cable) has no metal shielding material and is only covered with a layer of insulating rubber. The usage of UTP has been for a long time.  

Shielding layer of the STP which means it can ensure that the transmitted data will not be leaked, and it also will not be interfered by external electromagnetic waves, and it can ensure the correctness of the transmission data.

ethernet cable 


As advantages we have discussed of STP, why we still prefer to use UTP cables?

STP needs to be grounded to guide external interference signals to the ground by the shielding layer, which makes it more difficult when wiring.

It mainly applies to the environment with interference sources, the cost is relatively high. No shielding layer is not a bad aspect for UTP, it makes UTP has relatively smaller diameter and more space-saving so that it can be more flexible and easier installation.

The most significant point is, economical. Although the quality of data transmission of UTP is not such good as STP, the inner 4 pairs twisted together by 8 different colors are responsible for minimizing electromagnetic interference. 



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