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Android 11 is coming

An early vision of android 11 is publishing, only for developers on Google Pixel handsets. One should be mentioned is that, this vision will wipe all your data, which means you should not install this on your mail devices.

Besides the further polish on existing elements and support for new display types,This new vision has improvements from three parts:


  1. better privacy features

Let people grant single time access to loadtion microphone and camera data, from "ponly this time" to "while using the app"


  1. new messaging interfaces

The bubbles can keep conversation in view while using other apps. From this vision on, bubbles can still be there though with other apps, such like facebook, whatsapp, or instagram—— could maxium their aims of easily access in anywhere. Besides, mmassaging apps users will be able to add images to notification replies.


  1. improved support for 5G

To be suitable for 5G-ready smartphones, android 11 serve the accomodation for the connection, which take adavantage of 5G network speed as much as possible.


I think it is a great breakthrough for android, form the prospect vision they put forward. From a data survey, android 9 had only been installed on 10.4% of android phones. Worthy to be mentioned, this realese boosts about 4.4% new installation. Compared to their competer, Apple iphones, whose most recent version, ios 13, has been operated over 70%.

A refinment vision of android 11 will be issued in near furtue. I am really curious what users will comment.





Android 11 Developer Preview Lands Early

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