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Coronavirus Live Updates: mask aids banned on most social platforms

Chinese president Xi Jinping visits Wuhan, the center of the global coronavirus epidemic, which is the first time he visited there since the outbreak. His appearance transmitted a signal that the official believes that the situation of coronavirus has turn into better place. On Tuesday, China said it recorded 19 new infections from the coronavirus, and 17 deaths, in the past 24 hours.

While different circumstances happen in other countries. It is reported that South Korea comes out 35 coronavirus cases on Tuesday and the death rose by 3 to 54, bringing total infections to 7513. In another Asian country, Japan, over 1000 people have been infected and 16 people died. Japan implemented tougher border control measures on Monday for travelers from China and Korea, effectively banning tourists from the two countries through the end of this month to control more incomes.

In U.S., Cases of Coronavirus Cross 500, and Deaths Rise to 22. And in Italy, cases and deaths shot up over the last week, its tolls second only to China, and the entire Lombardy area has been locked down. The number of infection cases in Italy accounts for more than 7350 and death cases are up to 360.


An increase severity of coronavirus leads to more and more persuing face mask. Thousands of face masks run out in short periods, and even emergency food sold out, only obtaining after many days preorder. Facebook has banned online sale of surgical face masks, preventing unscrupulous vendors from exploiting public coronavirus panic. 

Facebook’s director of product management Rob Leathern said: “We’re banning ads and commerce listings selling medical face masks. We’re monitoring Covid-19 closely and will make necessary updates to our policies if we see people trying to exploit this public health emergency. We’ll start rolling out this change in the days ahead.”

coronavirus face mask

Elsewhere in the tech world, eBay and Amazon have also joined efforts to stop price gouging on selected products as panicked consumers seek to horde products ranging from toilet paper to pasta.



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