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HUAWEI MATE XS is coming


A minor vision of HUAWEI MATE X, and HUAWEI announced that some slight upgrades have been applied,

a faster processor:


1. latest Kirin 990 processor and some caps on the edge of the folding mechanism to help protect against dust
2. Like the SAMSUNG one, HUAWEI also adds MATE XS a more durable display and features a redesigned hinge.  the design of the hinge would offer users much smoother and more durable experience, compared to the original Mate XS
3. a softer polymer layer that acts as a cushion and a final layer to connect it to the main body of the device



Are they enough to raise up your purchasing desire? 


For software, Huawei says the Mate XS can show up to three apps simultaneously, with one on the left side of the display, one on the right, and a third in a floating window. You can also open up two instances of the same app simultaneously.

Onw should not be omitted is that, due to Huawei’s continued presence on the US’s entity list, the device won’t release with any Google apps or services, meaning it won’t come with access to the Google Play Store. It will be releasing in “global markets” outside China next mont, the €2,499 model comes with 8GB of RAM and 512GB of onboard storage.





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