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VCELINK guide: RJ45 Keystone Jack2



RJ45 Keystone Jack2



RJ (registered jack) is the standard physical coupler of telecommunications equipment such as telephone and computer network equipment. RJ45 coupler is mainly used for data transmission. People can plug in by matching the appropriate standard stuff to assist and protect the whole device, even to optimize the whole device. 


Buckle design followed by pure copper gold-plated needle core: our module is composed of pure copper gold-plated needle core and ABS material. For the module can be well embedded into the components without shedding, and the design of the standard buckle can be applied in 86 information panel and distribution frame to meet the needs of a variety of application scenarios. For the adopting of ABS, the surface of the whole product is very smooth, and strength and toughness is high, which plays an important role in promoting the role of the plug-in. ABS products can perform well even from -25 ℃-60 ℃ and is the most thermoplastic polymer material at present. Because the needle core is mainly gold-plated, the contact has very high sensitivity, so the transmission is also very stable. The gold-plated part doubles the oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance of the connecting part, and the service life of the product is prolonged. The stamping flat needle gold-plated inner core is combined with double-sided PCB board by welding, and the circuit is designed by characteristic compensation, which makes the VCE product superior to other products in transmission performance.


RJ45 Keystone Jack2


Double-layer road plate: The double-panel is a single-panel extension. There is no direct relationship between the thickness of the PCB and the number of layers. When the circuit board has more layers, its ability to isolate interference is stronger. Besides, the board strength is high and is not easy to deform.


Double-sided design: a standardized design that covers all the port connections in market. EIA/TIA (Electronic Industries Association/ Telecommunications Industry AssociaTIon) specifies that unshielded twisted-pair wires use the RJ-45 coupler. TIA/EIA-568 (also known as T568) is a kind of wire sequence used in RJ45 port to connect twisted pair wire. According to the twist degree of copper wire, it can be divided into TIA/EIA-568-A wire sequence and TIA/EIA-568-B wire sequence.


RJ45 keystone jack 2


RJ45 coupler has PC end and network cable is the 8-core male plug which can be explained from RJ45 DTE type pin definition and the RJ45 DCE type pin definition:


  1 TX+Tranceive Data+ 

  2 TX-Tranceive Data- 

  3 RX+Receive Data+ 

  4 n/cNot con nec ted 

  5 n/cNot connected 

  6 RX-Receive Data- 

  7 n/cNot connected 

  8 n/cNot connected


  For the whole system, the modularization plays an important role in the stability and scientificity of the whole system. Hope this article helps you have further knowledge of RJ45 Keystone Jack Inline Coupler.Vcelink offers all kinds of home, office and small project accessories like audio and video, network, cell phone and monitoring equipment.





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RJ45 Keystone Jack2

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