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What cashierless grocery will go in the future?

Today amazon is opening their first grocery which entails the cashierless technology. As we already know, the emegence of cashierless techonogy offers a lot of convenience, such as no waiting line, no crew helping payment, and easily for grab items.   Cashierless can quickly and accurately detect customers' behaviors. If buyers regret picking and putting products back, though not in correct spot, the bill will accurately cut down those fees.  I have known that in Shanghai has already had some groceries like this. I remember one is in the airport. One vlogger had ever tested the ability of their application, he hid some in his pockets and even drank a little of beverage, the result still came in a very perfect result.   
amazon cahierless
Though amazon has not announced further application range of cashierless technology, after grocery's first apperance, things come into reality step by step. Applying cashierless can not only reduce labor force, but also enhance purchaing willingness for customers.






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