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VCELINK F-Type RG6 Coax Cable Female to Female Connector (12-Pack)

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  • VCE F81 coupler perfect for connecting 2 coaxial video cables together and extending the length of your cable tv internet connection cable.
  • Support High Frequency 3GHz, better video viewing experience than 1Ghz coaxial connector.Acting as an adaptor on a video or satellite box to convert a Coaxial male output into a a coaxial female output.
  • Accommodates most Male F-Type connectors and wall plates for indoor and outdoor settings alike. This product is a perfect choice for Satellite (Including DIRECTV and Dish Network), Cable TV and Internet (including Comcast, Coax, and Charter), and Off-Air Antenna systems.
  • Compatible with All BRANDS of RG59 and RG6 coaxial cables. Widely used in extending the connection of a cable box, TV, satellite receiver, VCR, cable modem, off-air antenna or other digital audio / video component settings.
  • Easy to install and disassemble, simple screw on installation makes assembly and disassembly effortless. Package included: 12 Pack Nickle Plated RG6 F-Pin Female to Female Cable Connectors.
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      Female to Female Connector

    VCE F-Type RG6 Female Coaxial Extender


    • The VCE RG6 Coaxial extender connector inserts provide a secure and quick way to connect two RG6 coaxial cables for your UHD TV.
    • These commercial grade inserts provide a time-saving and tidy alternative to run long coax cables across the floor.


    Cost-Effective 12-Pack


    • This easy and convenient 12-Pack provides spare extension for a bedroom and basement location.

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