Users' Guide: How to Use Cable Stripping Tool?

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A cable stripper is a must-have tool in an electrician’s or engineer’s tool kit. Electrical or other low-voltage projects require different types of cable strippers. It is known that cable stripping tools are divided into various types, including gauged and adjustable wire strippers. But these wire strippers are usually inconvenient to carry around. We’ll introduce a small yet useful cable stripping in this post.

What is Cable Stripping Tool?

A cable stripping tool is a small yet useful handheld tool that is used to remove the protective cover or jacket from various electrical wires and low-voltage cables. There are specific cable stripping tools on the market to strip Ethernet cables.

Why Choose Our Cable Stripper?

wire stripping tool

  • Can strip and cut cable jackets of different categories of Ethernet cables, including unshielded or shielded types
  • Capable of stripping and cutting RG59, RG6, RG7, RG11 coax cables with easy use
  • Small, lightweight yet universal wire stripping tool for daily use
  • Features an adjustment knob for different cable jacket strip depths so that you can strip different types of Ethernet cables without cutting or damaging cable and conductor
  • Spring load for quick and precise cutting
  • Combination of cutting and stripping
  • Capable of stripping both flat and round cables

How to Use Stripping Tool?

Stripping and Cutting Ethernet Cable

Some people prefer to use flat Ethernet cables, and this cable stripping tool supports both flat and round Ethernet cables. If you want to cut the F/UTP CAT6 cable to a certain length and strip the Ethernet cable jacket, how to use this stripping tool?

  • Before placing the CAT6 Ethernet cable in the cable strip channel, adjust the blade depth according to the cable thickness. Turning clockwise increases the blade depth, while anti clockwise reduces the depth.
  • After putting the cable in the right place, make sure your cable jacket contacts the blade firmly. Then rotate your cable to 2-3 circles; either clockwise or counterclockwise is ok.
  • Bend the cable jacket several times and peel off the cable insulation.
  • If you want to cut the CAT6 Ethernet cable to length, place the wire between the cutting blade and press down. The spring load and sharp blade help you cut down cable quickly. But please be cautious not to hurt your finger.

Stripping and Cutting Coaxial Cable

This cable stripping tool can also be used for coaxial cables. But it should be noted that it is not suitable for coaxial cables with steel center conductors as the cutting blade may be damaged. Just place the coaxial cable in the correct slot for easy stripping and cutting.

Multifunctional Wire Stripper vs. Mini Wire Stripper 

You may see a mini yellow stripper in many How-to Tip videos, and it is another good choice to strip your Ethernet cable. What’s the difference between these two stripping tools? Let’s have a comparison.

Mini Wire Stripper (G601)

A mini wire stripper is often used in network installation. Professionals and DIYers favor it for its portable size and bright color. It is easy to find in your pocket or tool kit. The finger hoop also helps you hold it tightly when stripping cables. This mini wire stripper is suitable for stripping Ethernet cables and telephone cables. When punching down keystone jacks, you can use the blade tool to insert wires into the slot tightly. But this wire stripper doesn’t have the function of cutting.

mini wire stripper

Multifunctional Wire Stripper (GJ501A)

This multifunctional wire stripper is a combination of stripping and cutting. It can strip various cables, including network cables, speaker cables, telephone cables, and flat cables. The most featured part of this wire stripper is its adjustment knob, which can be adjusted according to different wire thicknesses. The wire stripper is also convenient to use and carry.

functional wire stripper

Compared to the mini wire stripper, GJ501A is more functional. The adjustable part makes it ideal for a wide variety diameter Ethernet cables, such as shielded CAT6A and even CAT7 cables. It also features a sharp and durable blade for long-term use. Moreover, if you use flat Ethernet cables for your home network, don’t hesitate to choose the adjustable wire stripper.

Final Words

If you’re a low-voltage professional or often DIY your home or office networks, you need to terminate your Ethernet cables. Wire stripping is an essential part in the process of cable termination, and a good cable stripping tool makes a better network cable. Remember to choose the right cable stripper according to different Ethernet cables.

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