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Ethernet Wall Plates

Are you searching for an ethernet wall plate for your network installation? You’re totally in the right place. VCELINK offers you various types of wall plates such as audio wall plates, surface mount outlet boxes, cable brush plates, etc. Wonder about the compatibility of these wall plates? Don’t worry! These keystone faceplates are compatible with our keystone jacks and couplers. You can also pair wall plates with our low voltage mounting bracket. If you have any questions about purchasing wall plates, please contact us!


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The highest price is $271.59


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ethernet female wall socket
British RJ45 Socket Wall Plate VCELINK
$7.99 ~ $135.59
ethernet cable wall plate
German Ethernet Faceplate With CAT6A Insert VCELINK
$15.99 ~ $271.59
network wall box
German-style CAT6A Flush-mounted Network Sockets VCELINK
$14.99 ~ $254.59
surface mounted back box
Surface Back Box VCELINK
$9.99 ~ $169.59
 ethernet cable wall plate
British Ethernet Socket Double Port Faceplate VCELINK
$8.99 ~ $186.59
Female to Female Connector
RJ45 Wall Plate 4 Port UL-Listed VCELINK 2-Pack
$15.99 ~ $135.99
hdmi and cat5 wall plate
HDMI Ethernet Wall Plate VCELINK
$10.99 ~ $185.99
cat6 wall plate
Cat6 Wall Plate 2 Port UL Listed VCELINK
$9.99 ~ $84.99
ethernet wall jack
Ethernet Wall Jack Cat6 1 Port UL-Listed VCELINK 2-Pack
$6.99 ~ $58.99

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