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Keystone RJ45 Coupler

A Keystone RJ45 Coupler is a versatile accessory typically mounted in wall plates, patch panels, or surface mount boxes. Its primary purpose is to provide a fixed connection point for two patch cables. Furthermore, keystone RJ45 couplers can be found in shielded and unshielded variations. The shielded type protects against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). Compared to keystone jacks, keystone RJ45 couplers can be easier to install.

Our keystone RJ45 couplers are available in various colors. You can use them in home and office networks and data center setups for good cable management. If you have any questions about keystone RJ45 couplers or require wholesale and customized services, feel free to contact us directly or via


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keystone ethernet coupler
UL Listed CAT6 Keystone Coupler VCELINK
$9.25 ~ $72.49
shielded rj45 coupler
CAT6 RJ45 Coupler Keystone VCELINK
$2.99 ~ $99.99
cat6a keystone coupler
Keystone RJ45 Coupler VCELINK
$18.99 ~ $161.29
female to female keystone
Wholesale Cat6a/Cat6 RJ45 UTP Coupler VCELINK
$499.99 ~ $549.99
ethernet cord coupler
CAT6A Keystone Coupler VCELINK
$18.99 ~ $159.99

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