Standard RJ45 Connector

RJ45 plugs are a fundamental component for your Ethernet cable terminations. Standard types, also known as non-pass-thru RJ45 connectors, are the most common type on the market. At VCELINK, we offer a diverse range of standard RJ45 connectors, including shielded and unshielded variants in CAT6 and CAT7 types. We also support your customized needs.

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rj45 connector connection
CAT6 RJ45 Modular Plug VCELINK
$22.49 ~ $299.99
23 awg rj45 connector shielded
Cat6 Shielded RJ45 Connectors Short Body VCELINK
rj45 connector for cat6 cable
RJ45 CAT6 Cable Connectors VCELINK
$4.19 ~ $149.99
cat 7 rj45 connector
RJ45 CAT7 Connector VCELINK
$29.99 ~ $199.99

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