Pass-through RJ45 Connector

Pass-thru RJ45 connectors, also known as feed-through connectors, offer several advantages compared to traditional RJ45 connectors. Unlike traditional connectors, pass-thru connectors feature a unique design that allows the cable's conductors to pass completely through the connector. The design simplifies the termination process by ensuring the wires are correctly aligned, reducing the risk of wiring errors. Pass-through RJ45 connectors are easy to install, making them a great choice for professionals and novices.

Pass-thru connectors should be used with specific RJ45 crimping tools. VCELINK offers various pass-thru RJ45 connectors, such as Cat5e and Cat6 pass-through connectors, and high-quality pass-thru RJ45 crimping tools. We also provide different Ethernet cable tool kits based on your needs. If you have any needs for tool kits, wholesale, and customized service, please get in touch with us via


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