VCELINK rj45 toolless connector

Toolless RJ45 Connector

A toolless RJ45 connector is a type of modular jack used for terminating Ethernet cables. Different from standard RJ45 connectors, toolless RJ45 connectors are designed for cable termination without the need for specialized crimping tools or equipment. VCELINK boasts shielded and unshielded toolless RJ45 connectors. Shielded toolless RJ45 connectors are used with shielded Ethernet cables, great for environments full of electromagnetic interference.

Our toolless RJ45 connectors are designed for different categories of Ethernet cables, including CAT6 and CAT6A. Browse the following options for purchase. Bulk and customized supplies are available; please contact us via


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Cat 7 Connector VCELINK
Cat 7 Connector VCELINK
$16.99 ~ $94.79
rj45 tool less
CAT6 Field Termination Plug VCELINK
$2.99 ~ $50.39
cat 6a modular plug
Cat6a RJ45 Connector VCELINK
$15.99 ~ $199.99
Cat 6a Plug
Cat6a RJ45 Toolless Connector VCELINK
$6.59 ~ $59.99
toolless rj45 jack
Cat7 Toolless RJ45 Connectors VCELINK
$17.59 ~ $189.59
cat 7 connector rj45 shielded toolless
Cat7/Cat6a Field Termination Plug VCELINK
$17.99 ~ $199.99
ethernet extension connector
Ethernet Cable Extender Adapter VCELINK
$7.99 ~ $158.39
cat6a toolless connector
RJ45 CAT6A Connector VCELINK
$14.99 ~ $99.99
rj45 cat8
RJ45 CAT8 Connector VCELINK
$8.99 ~ $199.99
cat8 toolless connector
$18.99 ~ $199.99
cat6a plug
Toolless RJ45 CAT6A Connector VCELINK
$3.99 ~ $99.99

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