What is an RJ45 Crimping Tool?

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Have you ever felt it difficult to terminate RJ45 connectors and network cables Those who often do network projects and network technicians may have done it by using scissors, a knife, and a flathead screwdriver. But for network beginners, you're doomed to failure. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, RJ45 crimping tools are a great helper for Ethernet cable termination.

What is a crimping tool used for?

Before knowing what is an RJ45 crimping tool, you should know the basic concept of a crimping tool. A crimping tool is generally used to create a junction between wires and connectors by deforming them. Crimping tools are often seen in low-voltage projects. Different crimping tools are designed for different cables, wires, and pipes. One of the most common uses of crimping tools in daily life is to terminate the Ethernet cables and such a crimping tool can also be named as an RJ45 crimping tool.

What is cable crimping and what is the RJ45 crimping tool?

Cable crimping is a process of joining wires to another metal terminal. When crimping, the terminal will be compressed to connect to the wire conductor.

An RJ45 crimping tool is a device used in the networking system. It is a good helper for you to crimp and terminate RJ45 plugs. An RJ45 crimping tool is a special device for the installation of different cabling systems. It usually features a compact design that is practical and easy to use. What’s more, it also provides a solid connection between the RJ45 connector to the Ethernet cable. Some RJ45 crimping tools are also available for RJ11 and RJ12 connectors that are often used in telephone systems.

Types of crimping tools

There are many types of crimping tools on the market including handheld, hydraulic, electric, and so on. But we will mainly talk about Ethernet crimping tools in this article. RJ45 crimping tools can be classified into different types according to their different applications and structures.

Standard crimping tool vs RJ45 pass through crimper

According to different structures of RJ45 connectors, RJ45 crimping tools can be categorized as standard crimping tools and RJ45 pass through crimpers. As the name suggests, a standard crimping tool is used to crimp standard RJ45 connectors and an RJ45 pass through crimper is used to crimp pass-thru RJ45 connectors. RJ45 pass through crimper can help cut excess wire and crimp the pass-thru connectors at the same time.

Standard crimping tool vs RJ45 pass through crimper

Single-use vs 2-in-1 vs All-in-one

Single-use crimping tools only have one crimping port for 4P4C, 6P4C, 6P6C, or 8P8C. 2-in-1 crimping tools typically feature two crimping ports that are usually designed for 6P and 8P. An all-in-one crimping tool is the most functional one as it ingrates the function of crimping, cutting, and stripping. All-in-one RJ45 crimping tools are more recommended for novices.

How does an Ethernet crimping tool work?

To know the working principle of Ethernet crimping tools, you should first know about RJ45 connectors. RJ45 connectors are those plugs with 8 positions and 8 contacts, which are used to connect your Ethernet cable to router or other devices. The purpose of an Ethernet crimping tool is to achieve the crimping of RJ45 connectors and wires.

An Ethernet crimping tool typically features crimp points to compress the strain latch and contact pins on the RJ45 connectors. The crimping tool presses the gold-plated contact pins to make a connection with wires and fix each wire; it also presses the strain latch to help fix the RJ45 connector and Ethernet cable tightly for stable and high-speed data transmission.

Ethernet crimping tool working principle

How to choose the best RJ45 crimping tool?

First of all, you should choose the correct RJ45 crimping tool according to the types of RJ45 connectors and categories of Ethernet cables. When you decide what kind of RJ45 crimping tool you need, consider the following factors to find the best RJ45 crimping tool.


Try to choose a multi-functional RJ45 crimping tool. If an RJ45 crimping tool can be used for RJ11, RJ12, and RJ45 connectors and also it is compatible with Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, and Cat7 Ethernet cables, it can meet most needs in your daily life. So, choosing a functional RJ45 crimping tool can be very convenient as it can also function as a wire stripper, cutting, and crimping.


Choose an RJ45 crimper with considerate designs. For example, if you’re a beginner, the RJ45 crimping tool with an Ergonomic grip design or non-slip handle can be easier to operate. A compact design is also important so that the RJ45 crimper can fit into your packet. If it is too large and heavy, you may have trouble when using it. In addition, crimping tools with ratchet design can help save labor.


Quality is the prior factor that you should take into consideration. A crimping port is the heart of an RJ45 crimping tool and a high-quality RJ45 crimping tool typically features an accurate crimp port, which determines the compressing effect of an RJ45 connector and won’t be harmful to the RJ45 connectors. What’s more, the blade is specially heat-treated to ensure sharpness and precision.

A high-quality crimping tool can be more durable than a poor-quality one. It’s better to choose those RJ45 crimping tools with certifications.


The cost of RJ45 crimping tools on the market ranges from $20 to $100. If you’re not a professional, you don’t need to purchase a very expensive RJ45 crimping tool. Choosing an RJ45 crimping tool with basic functions is enough for home use.

VCELINK Crimping Tool

VCELINK is a professional supplier of different Ethernet crimping tools. We will introduce four main popular VCELINK crimping tools for you.


GJ668BL is an all-in-one RJ45 crimper that combines the function of crimping, cutting, and stripping. So, when terminating the connectors, you don’t need an additional wire cutter and stripper, which is quite convenient. It has three crimping ports separately designed for 8P/RJ45 connectors, 6P/RJ11/RJ12 connectors, and 4P connectors. This multi-functional RJ45 crimping tool is very suitable for people who often work with the network. It is compatible with VCELINK RJ45 connectors such as SJ652 and SJ653. But please note that this RJ45 crimper is not suitable for RJ45 pass through connectors. 

This type of RJ45 crimping tool cannot crimp most Cat6A and Cat7 connectors on the market which have closed structure at the bottom because it will damage the bottom. But it is compatible with VCELINK SJ650 that has open structure at the bottom of shielding.



  • All-in-one tool compatible with 4P, 6P, and 8P modular plugs
  • Ergonomic grip design and ratchet mechanism for added comfort and efficiency
  • Replaceable blade for sharp and clean cutting
  • Made of high-quality carbon steel for long-time use
  • Lightweight and compact design for easy carrying
  • High-visibility color allows you to easily find the tool in the bag


GJ669BK features two crimping ports. One crimping port is compatible with RJ11 and RJ12 connectors, whereas the other port is designed for RJ45 connectors. It also comes with a dovetail clip crimping cavity, which is ideal for shielded RJ45 connectors with dovetail clip design.

GJ669BK is specifically suitable for VCELINK SJ650 as it has an external ground crimp cavity to help press the dovetail clip. It is also compatible with SJ652 and SJ653. But you should regulate the screw for different categories of RJ45 connectors.

Please note that this RJ45 crimping tool is not suitable for RJ45 pass through connectors.



  • Regulating screw for Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, and Cat7 connectors
  • Lightweight, compact design for easy carrying
  • Designed with a lock button for easy storage and carrying
  • The handle is made of non-slip materials for added comfort and the body is made of carbon steel for further durability


GJ670BL is specifically designed for pass-thru RJ45 connectors, so it is ideal for network novices. Pass-thru RJ45 connectors allow the wires to feed through and they are quite easy to operate. This RJ45 pass through crimper also has many functions including stripping, cutting, and crimping.

The crimper comes with a precise crimping port, allowing you to easily crimp the RJ45 connectors even if you have no experience in network installation. You can use it to crimp VCELINK RJ45 pass-through connectors such as SJ553, SJ661, and SJ660. However, this crimping tool only has a single RJ45 crimping port, not suitable for those who want to crimp RJ11 or RJ12 connectors.



  • Precise RJ45 connector crimping port is ideal for beginners to crimp Ethernet connectors in the home network or office network
  • Replaceable blades for sharp and clean cutting
  • Coming with T568B wiring standard for easy operation
  • Smaller than traditional crimping tools for convenient carrying
  • Ergonomic grip design for added comfort


GJ671BL can be used for both pass through RJ45 connectors and non-pass through RJ45 connectors. It is compatible with Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7, and Cat7a connectors, great for professionals who often install a network at home, office, or other public places. It also features a dovetail clip crimping cavity, which is ideal for shielded RJ45 connectors with dovetail clip design. But remember to regulate the screw for different categories of RJ45 connectors. 

It is compatible with all VCELINK RJ45 connectors including SJ553, SJ661, SJ660, SJ657, and so on. So, if you find it hard to choose one suitable crimping tool for your RJ45 connectors, just buy this one. You will never go wrong with this powerful RJ45 crimping tool.



  • Designed with 2 crimping ports. One port is used for RJ11 and RJ12 connectors, while the other port is for RJ45 connectors
  • Specially designed for Cat7 and Cat6a shielded connectors with dovetail clip design
  • High-precise crimping port to fix Rj45 connectors and wires
  • Compact size and non-slip grip design
  • Made of high-quality materials for durability

How to choose the correct RJ45 crimping tool for RJ45 connectors?

A correct RJ45 crimping tool is essential for terminating the RJ45 connector. It is recommended for you to buy RJ45 connectors and RJ45 crimping tools from the same brand as products from different manufacturers may have a slight difference in parameters. If you have already purchased RJ45 connectors from VCELINK, you may find it troublesome to choose the corresponding RJ45 crimping tools. We have the following chart that helps you be more clear about choosing the correct RJ45 crimping tools.

RJ45 Crimping Tool and RJ45 Connector

How to use the RJ45 crimping tool?

You may be confused about how to correctly use RJ45 crimping tool, the following picture is the step-by-step tutorial of VCELINK GJ670BL for you.

How to use the RJ45 crimping tool?

How to install Cat6 pass through connectors with VCELINK crimping tools?

Step 1: Insert the cable cap into the Ethernet cable

step 1

Step 2: Use the wire stripper to strip the cable jacket

step 2

Step 3: Use the cable jacket to separate wires and make them straight, and then arrange them based on T568B standard

step 3

Step 4: Assemble the Cat6 pass through connector

step 4

Step 5: Put the plug into the RJ45 crimping tool (the model of this VCELINK crimping tool is GJ670BL)

step 5

Step 6: Make sure that the wires are pressed tightly to the end of the Cat6 pass through connector

step 6

Step 7: Insert the cable cap into the plug for added protection

step 7

Step 8: Use the VCELINK cable tester to test whether the cable can work

step 8

With VCELINK crimping tool, you will find it easier and more convenient to crimp the RJ45 connectors and Ethernet cables. Also, treat the RJ45 crimping tool well for longer service life.

For more information on this topic, you can keep up on our blogs. While VCELINK offers general and basic information for our customers and other visitors to the website, it’s not professional advice.


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