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Single Brush Wall Plate Cable (2-Pack)



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vcelink brush wall plate


VCE 2-Pack Single Brush Wall Plate Cable Pass Through Insert for Wires, Single Gang Cable Access Strap, Wall Socket for HDTV, Home Theater Systems - White UL Listed

  • Works perfectly with all cable types,features one opening for cable run through.

  • Smooth and clean HDTV Installations, perfect for HDTV cables and home theater installations

  • Easy set up, Installs in just minutes, Insert the brush into the outer casing and place on the wall

  • Run your cables cleanly and neatly through the wall.The package is equipped with mounting screws.

  • Note:The plate doesn't fit Carlon plastic old work boxes or frames.


installation of vcelink brush wall plate




vcelink brush wall plate






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