Coax Surge Protector VCELINK



  • Net Weight: 18g
  • Size: 1.6'' x 0.5'' (41mm x 13mm)
  • Housing Material: Nickel-plated
  • Package: 2/6/12/24 Pieces x Surge Protector
  • After-sales Service: 12-month Warranty
Coax Surge Protector VCELINK
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Coax Surge Protector VCELINK

SP250 Using Map

VCELINK lightning to coaxial provides superior protection against high and low voltage transient surges, regulatory compliance CE, RoHS. It is suitable for CATV, MATV, SATV, cable nets, and other communication systems in-line coaxial surge protectors.
Its nickel-plated housing is corrosion-resistant and has high return loss and low insertion loss. A coax surge suppressor with a thread design is easy to install and dismount.
Surge protector with coaxial protection's compact size is easy to carry out or store.


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  • Why does the last bullet point say it's not for cable modem but you have reviews of buyers using it to protect their cable modems?

    RESPONSE FROM VCELINK: Thanks for asking. We have upgraded this product, it suits the cable modem now and can also protect your cable modem.

    Please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions by contacting us through Amazon's messaging center. Open the product page, click on "Sold by VCELINK" and then "Ask a Question".

  • Where is the best location for installing the surge protectors ? How far away from the antenna?

    It is necessary to locate it in the coax line where you can attach the grounding lug to a good ground. The distance from the antenna is not that important. You can put it inside the entrance panel box, and it will work well.