RJ45 Cat8 Patch Cable VCELINK

Cat8 Patch Cord I-OL
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  • ANSI/TIA-568.2-D & ISO/IEC 11801 Standard
  • Bandwiths of 2000MHz at Channel Length Up to 30 Meters
  • Suitable for the PoE+(IEEE802.3at) Applications
  • Backwards compatible with Cat6a, Cat6, and Cat5e.
  • After-sales Service: 12-Month Warranty & Lifetime Product Support


Type S/FTP Cable Wire Gauge 24AWG
Jacket Material PVC Contact Material 50u Gold-plating
Conduct Material 4-pair Solid Copper Wire RJ45 Plug Material Zinc Alloy
Bandwidth 2000MHz Transmission Speed 40Gbps
Length 1M or Customized Length Bulk Purchase  Support for Customization 

VCELINK Cat8 internet cable provides fast, stable, and durable transmission for data centers. Its multi-strand soft copper (oxygen-free copper, purity 99.99%) standard provides corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant transmission.

The shielded RJ45 plug of the Cat8 LAN cable has effective resistance to electromagnetic interference, with good information confidentiality. It supports PoE, so it will save you the expense and effort of purchasing, connecting, and installing individual power supplies for each device.

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High-speed Transmission Speed

-Cat8 performance for a 10GBASE-T, 25GBASE-T or a 40GBASE-T channel compliant network up to 30 meters;

-Transmission bandwidth up to up to 2000MHz;

-PCB board ensures high speed and stable transmission.

Shielding Performance

-Zinc alloy die-cast housing helps reduce outside interference;

-The 4-pair solid copper wire, braid shielding, and aluminum-clad polyester foil make the connector more resistant to heat and corrosion.

Wide Applications

Cat8 network cable is compatible with RJ45 interface products, such as computers, laptops, modems, routers, video game consoles, TVs, etc.

Easy Usage

Just plug the Cat8 connector into the Ethernet port for high-speed and reliable network transmission.


  • Hi I would like to upgrade to Cat8 cables, connectors and wall jacks but I can't tell the difference: 1. What is the difference between the RJ45 Cat8 Patch Cable VCELINK and the Pre-wired Cat8 Ethernet Cable VCELINK? 2. What is the difference between the RJ45 CAT8 Connector VCELINK and the RJ45 CAT8 Plug VCELINK? 3. What is the difference between the STP Cat8 Wall Jack VCELINK, the RJ45 CAT8 Module VCELINK and the Tool-less Cat8 Keystone Module VCELINK? Thanks for your help.

    Hi Mads Bindslev,
    Thank you for reaching out with your questions about our Cat8 products. Here are the details:
    RJ45 Cat8 Patch Cable VCELINK vs. Pre-wired Cat8 Ethernet Cable VCELINK:
    Pre-wired Cat8 Ethernet Cable: This cable has a fully shielded connector, providing extra protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI).
    RJ45 Cat8 Patch Cable: This cable has a plastic tail cap, which is the main difference compared to the pre-wired version.
    RJ45 CAT8 Connector VCELINK vs. RJ45 CAT8 Plug VCELINK:The difference between these two lies in their design. Both serve the same function, but their structural design is different.
    STP Cat8 Wall Jack VCELINK vs. RJ45 CAT8 Module VCELINK vs. Tool-less Cat8 Keystone Module VCELINK:
    STP Cat8 Wall Jack: Recommended as it is currently in stock.
    RJ45 CAT8 Module: Different design and currently out of stock.
    Tool-less Cat8 Keystone Module: Different design and currently out of stock.
    All three have the same performance capabilities, but differ in their design and appearance.
    Please let me know if you need further assistance or if you would like to proceed with purchasing the STP Cat8 Wall Jack.