Round Brush Plate Cover VCELINK


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  • Size of Wall Plate: 99.97mm
  • Wall Thickness: 10-12mm
  • Equipped with a hole opener
  • 12-month Warranty
  • Lifetime Product Support


Simplify your cable organization with the VCELINK Round Brush Wall Plate. Featuring two round wall plates and a convenient hole opener, this product can organize TV, network, and audio cables for a clean and tidy environment.

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Product Type Round Brush Wall Plate
Color white
Housing Material PC
Hole Opener Material A3 carbon steel
Dimensions 3.93'' x 3.93''
Applications Keep Cables Neatly and Organized
Compatibility HDMI Cables; Coaxial Cables; Standard A/V Cables; Speaker Wires; RJ45 Network Cables; Other Low-voltage Cables


Durable Construction

-Crafted from high-quality flame-retardant PC material, the wall plate provides excellent electrical insulation, dimensional stability, and chemical resistance;

-The A3 carbon steel hole opener ensures added durability.

Round Design for Versatility

The unique round design can meet different home decoration needs. Whether you're looking to complement modern or traditional decor styles, this versatile product provides a sleek and stylish solution for cable management.

Effortless Installation

Designed for ease of use, this product can be quickly and easily installed. Simply mount the round wall plates and use the included hole opener to create a neat and tidy look.

Wholesale Support

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  • How do I remove the brush plate so I can install?

    To remove the brush plate, please follow these steps:
    1. Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the place cover.
    2. Screw out the screws.
    3. Remove the grommets.

    This will complete the disassembly.

    For a suitable screwdriver set, please refer to this link:

    If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.