Somethings you should know about HDMI: HDMI Keystone Jack

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In this article, we will introduce the HDMI Keystone jack and two of its other components, namely the HDMI Keystone jack extension cables and insert. At the end of this article, we will show the installation method that is cared about by everyone.


HDMI Keystone Jack

The high performance of HDMI Keystone Jack brings consumers amazing surprises.

In the previous survey, more than 39% of the consumers mention the easy snap-in retaining clip.

Engaging with the product, it ensures a secure and stable connection. Besides, it forms a smooth data sync at a high-speed transmission. Furthermore, its female to female design, no extra adapters are required. We can call it one and only. Its tool-less connection contributes to its commercial success.

‘The HDMI Keystone Jack is incredibly successful for minimizing any possible obstacles in use. The elimination of external tools involved in the connection is a decent example. Usually, we need either a female adapter or a male adapter to make the connection.

However, for this product, the connection is direct and more than smooth, and there is no extra need to get yourself an adapter or anything.

HDMI Keystone Jack VCELINK

HDMI Keystone Jack Extension Cable

The HDMI Keystone Jack Extension Cable. As its name, the product functions as a supplemental tool to extend the length of cables.

The product could combine two HDMI Keystone Jack cables by linking them to another one. It helps increase the original length of the HDMI cables when occupants require long ones.

You can also install the short cables inside the wall, but they would fail to plug into the HDMI devices within a few distances. In this case, HDMI Keystone Jack extension cable plays a very important role in connecting cables and connectors.

In other words, the product performs as a bridge in this process. It offers users easy access to watch TV shows, and movies or play online games on the big screen. There is no need to worry about the additional troubles in rearranging the position of the cables installed inside.

Honestly, HDMI Keystone Jack Extension Cable is superior in quality and compatibility compared with similar products. It provides ultra HD 4K 1080p resolution,4K, 3D, and ARC.

The 3D meets most users' expectations and meets the higher resolution and color depth in the context.

With a 3D DVD and 3D glasses, they could turn on the 3D-enabled device and attach the HDMI Keystone Jack cables to it. Then the HDMI Keystone Jack Extension Cable can connected to them.

When completed, the attachment of this product would allow users to enjoy a free panoramic 3D movie in the home.

On the other hand, if they do not own an HDMI Keystone Jack Extension Cable, this joyful picture can't make the effect like that. They have to make a call to the professional worker to replace the cables in it, which can be troublesome and awkward.

HDMI keystone jack extension cables VCELINK

HDMI Keystone Jack Insert

HDMI Keystone Jack Insert provides people with simplicity, security and a professionally designed installation. In particular, it can solve the problem of entangled cables plugged into the television. However, by inserting, you can store the wires into one module without tucking them away or folding them up. The product designed to gather the cables in minimal space. At the same time, they are protected in good conditions.

In addition, its compatibility is very wide. Apple TV, Fire TV, Firestick, Roku and Rook are all compatible with it.

It fits various devices which meet the HDMI standards. Therefore, people could plug cables into a variety of products. Then, the space previously occupied will be free again.

For this reason, many Amazon users describe the product as a magically multipurpose box.

We once surveyed the consumers. It shows more than 63 percents of the users pay more attention to the convenience of cables.

A typical comment wrote that when cables were stored, they would be exempted from the physical spoilage. They also appeared to be more vulnerable when exposed to the surrounding environments. 

Its resistance to crash also impresses the customers. The reason is that it is well-gilded and free from corrosion.

The products feature gold-plated connectors. They are not only connected without signal loss but also have a robust construction as well as long-term durability.

The distinguishing quality comes with commercial success, which leads the HDMI Keystone Jack Insert to reach the leading ranking in the total sales of HDMI products.

keystone jack inserts VCELINK

How to install the HDMI keystone insert?

The HDMI Keystone Jack Insert is vertically oriented. Occupants need to hook the bottom lip into the cut-out while they are holding the insert at a slight angle.

Rotate the insert upward to snap the retaining clip on the top into the cut-out

Hold on with caution until it snaps into the right place.

Connect an HDMI adapter at the 90 or 270-degree angle to route cables in tight spaces.

Bend them into the fixed position.

Test all the cabling with the keystone insert before permanent installation in the wall

Users can store additional cables in a sole tiny box rather than leave them winding on the floor messily.


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