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Many families cannot live without the Internet. But do you know the installation of networks in your home? Apart from proper Ethernet cables and routers, Ethernet keystone jacks are another necessary part of network installation. There are also other different kinds of keystone jacks for entertainment or telecommunication system. We’ll talk about keystone jacks in this article, allowing you to have a better understanding of what they are.

What is a keystone jack and what is a keystone jack used for?

A keystone jack, just as its name implies, means a trapezoid keystone module. A keystone jack is an important part of the network or telecommunication, which is usually mounted in the keystone wall plate, patch panels, and surface mount boxes. It is a female connector used in data transmission.

Keystone jacks are changeable as they have a standard size of 14.5mm wide and 16.0mm high. These tiny, versatile modular jacks are designed to help you connect different kinds of Ethernet cables or other cables. Keystone jacks feature different pins at the front to accept different types of modular plugs. Keystone jacks may have different structures. For example, some may feature a pass-through structure with the same port at the front and the rear; while some may have a female connector and a male connector.

Are there different types of keystone jacks?

Yes, of course! When referring to keystone jacks, we’re usually talking about Ethernet keystone jacks. But actually, there are many types of keystone jacks according to their structure and applications. They also feature different colors and finishes such as gold-plated, white, and black, allowing you to choose one based on the decoration of your room.

In general, keystone jacks can be divided into the following common types:

  • Ethernet keystone jack
  • Coax keystone
  • Blank keystone
  • Banana keystone jack
  • RCA keystone
  • HDMI keystone jack
types of keystone jacks

Ethernet Keystone Jack

An Ethernet keystone jack is an intermediate device that can be installed on the wall or desktop. Plug the Ethernet cables into the Ethernet keystone jack and then you can connect to the network. Various Ethernet keystone jacks on the market can be divided into CAT5 keystone jacks, CAT6 keystone jacks, CAT7 keystone jacks, and so on according to the category. There are also unshielded or shielded keystone jacks and punch down keystone jacks or toolless keystone jacks.

Coax Keystone

A coax keystone is designed to connect to RG6 coaxial cables quickly and safely for your UHD TV, audio and video signals. It is usually easy to install.

Blank Keystone

Blank keystones perform well to fill, cover, and protect unused ports. They can be easily snapped into the wall plates and patch panels to provide a clean look and protect your ports from dust and any other harmful substances.

Banana Keystone Jack

A banana keystone jack is also called a female connector for the banana plug. Keystone banana jacks can help connect the speaker to your audio devices quickly and safely.

RCA Keystone

An RCA keystone can be connected to audio sources, video sources, receivers, and other media centers and an RCA keystone jack is the device that helps the RCA cable connect to the hardware. It usually has a tiny, round hole surrounded by metal.

HDMI Keystone Jack

An HDMI keystone jack is used to connect HDMI cables to patch panels or wall plates for high-definition video and audio. It provides easy installation, which can help make the cables concealed behind the wall for a neat look. HDMI keystone jacks offer a professional look for home theater installation.

Advantages of Keystone Jacks

Keystone jacks are commonly used at home, office, or school and favored by many people whether you’re a novice or professional. They provide a professional and neat look for the installation of home networking, office networking, home theater, telecommunication, or any other entertainment system. So, do you know the advantages of keystone jacks? Let’s talk about this.

keystone jacks application


Thanks to the universal size of keystone jacks, almost all of them can be accepted by patch panels, keystone wall plates, and surface mount boxes on the market. But you still need to check the compatibility with keystone jacks when buying a wall plate or patch panel. In addition, different kinds of keystone jacks can be mounted on wall plates with many ports. What’s more, various configuration choices are available for patch panels in the data center.


There are so many kinds of keystone modules on the market. Take the Ethernet keystone jack as an example, it can be classified into Cat5 keystone jacks, Cat6 keystone jacks, Cat7 keystone jacks, and Cat8 keystone jacks. To meet the needs of networks and other low-voltage uses, more and more keystone jacks have appeared on the market. Because of their diversity, keystone jacks can be the perfect option for your home network and theater installation.


A high-quality keystone jack features a compact design, which can increase the density of the port. Keystone jacks made of impact-resistant ABS plastic material give a clean and neat look. Good keystone jacks can prevent dust and moisture, which can help elongate the service life of modules and increase the efficiency of data transmission!

See A Buying Guide of Keystone Jack to clear up your confusion about what to consider when buying a keystone jack.

How to install an Ethernet keystone jack?

Currently, keystone jacks are generally used for internal walls, which can not only protect modules from damage but also beautify the network cabling environment. But do you know how to install a keystone jack on a blank keystone wall plate? The following guide for installation can help you!

Before wiring the keystone jack, you should prepare professional tools including a wire stripper, wire cutter, and punch down tool.

punch down tool and wire stripper

Watch on YouTube: "Sample output of devtools-to-video cli tool"

Step 1: Use the professional wire stripper to cut the wire

step 1

Step 2: Cut off the plastic separator and be careful not to snip off the wire

step 2

Step 3: Separate the wires and make them straight

step 3

Step 4: Put the wire into the keystone jack in order

step 4

Step 5: Press the wire into the grooves of the keystone jacks and then punch down it

step 5

Step 6: Insert the keystone jack into the keystone wall plate

step 6

Step 7: Finally your keystone wall plate will look like that

step 7


Can I reuse keystone jacks?

Yes, you can use a keystone jack for a few time if they are in good condition.

Do keystone jacks have the same size?

Yes, keystone jacks usually share the same size. They can be interchangeable and replaceable.

How do I punch down an Ethernet keystone jack?

Before terminating an Ethernet keystone jack, you should prepare a professional punch down tool.  

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