How to Make Network Cable By Yourself?

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This article will tell you how to make an ethernet cable by yourself. Just be prepared and follow the steps if you knew them before or not, which will be easy to operate.

Nowadays, with the appearance of the RJ45 pass-through crimper, you can make it easier and faster. At the same time, you’ll still enjoy a stable Internet connection with your own hands.

What Tools Do You Need to Prepare?

-One pass through RJ45 Crimping Tool

-RJ45 Plugs

-Cable caps

-Ethernet cable


how to make an Ethernet cable


Please choose the specific specifications according to the actual use of the demand. If you choose a connector with dovetail clips, I recommend you use RJ45 Dovetail Crimping Tool, which has an extra crimp dovetail clip function.

How to Install a Cable with Pass Through RJ45 Crimping Tool?

Now all the preparations have been completed. Learn how to make a network cable.

1. Insert a cable cap into the wire for later use;

2. Unlock the RJ45 pass-through crimping tool. And press down the handle to push the lock button out;

3. Use a ruler, mark the terminal measure 3cm in length;

4. Put the Ethernet cable into the STRIP hole of our Crimper and fixed on that place. Rotate it in a circle so that you can easily strip the 3cm skin of insulation with the sharp blade;

5. Then you can see the exposed four twisted pair wires in all colors;

6. Separate the wires and cut off the Al foil or film inside. As shown below, you must keep the wire in order. T568B Standard RJ45 pins define the arrangement of the individual eight wires;

7. Cut the wires from the downside Brown to upside Orange + White at an oblique angle. And ensure the oblique angle is not too steep;

8. Reserve a length of about 2.5cm of the Orang+White wire, followed by cutting the wire horizontally;

9. Wear the core wire into the RJ45 plug;

10. Extra wires are longer than the plug. Double-check colors are correct in their places;

11. Upward, insert the cable cap you left before into the plug;

12. Put the plug into the crimping tool;

13. Push the handle to the bottom crimp. Please ensure that you have pushed the wire into the end of the plug’s hole;

14. Make sure it works, then you can insert the cable tester.

VCELINK RJ45 CAT6 Connector Installation Tutorial

how to do rj45 connector


    *In addition, if you need to be more efficient, use the matched VCELINK gold plated RJ45 CAT6 end pass through Ethernet RJ45 connector plugs for joint use.

    So, as you can see, making your network cable is such a simple thing. As you know, every coin has two sides a fly in the ointment is that you cannot use it to join the RJ11 connectors to end your phone, compared with the Cable Crimping Tool that has that function.

    Overall, if you are merely focusing on Ethernet cable making, the pass-through RJ 45 crimping tool can save you from redundant steps that will be your best choice.


    People want to be more practical with Cat 7 or an RJ11 and enjoy cutting and crimping, which makes you feel like doing some delicate work should better turn to the Cable Crimping Tool. 

    Furthermore, you may never be curious about or interested in how wireless networks work. But once you have tried to go through this, you might learn more about the Ethernet world.


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