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unshielded vs shielded rj45 connector

Unshielded vs. Shielded RJ45 Connectors

Installing a network is not always easy for homeowners and network beginners. What category of Ethernet cables should you use? Should you choose wired or wireless networks? Should you use unshielded...

Pass Through vs. Non Pass-Through RJ45 Connector

Pass Through vs. Non Pass-Through RJ45 Connector: Which Is Better?

It is known that there are various RJ45 connectors, among which pass through RJ45 connectors have become very popular these years. So, what are pass through RJ45 connectors and why...

RJ45 Connector 101

RJ45 Connector 101: Everything You Want to Know

If you’re a beginner to network installation, I guess you will be confused about terms such as RJ45, 8P8C, and modular plug. All of these terms are related to items that...

How to Make Network Cable By Yourself?

How to Make Network Cable By Yourself?

This article will tell you how to make a ethernet cable by yourself. The tools you only need are a crimper tool and a wire stripper cutter. Let's learn from this article and DIY...