Ethernet Splitter: How to Split Ethernet?


Many people still prefer to use Ethernet rather than Wi-Fi for a stable network. But sometimes getting an Ethernet connection is not that easy. The wired Ethernet can be far from the router or device with only a single network cable; at that time, you need to split Ethernet. Do you know how to split Ethernet connection? Check out this blog.

Why Do I Need to Split Ethernet?

Splitting Ethernet is necessary for many situations. For example, suppose your single Ethernet cable is far away from the router. In that case, you can use an Ethernet splitter or switch to extend the Ethernet connection and use the extra Ethernet cables to connect to various devices. Or your router only has a single port, but you want to connect to multiple devices. At this time, splitting the Ethernet connection is also a great choice.

What Is Ethernet Splitter?

The Ethernet splitter is the simplest way to split Ethernet, which has been around for ages. An Ethernet splitter usually features a single Ethernet port on one side and two Ethernet ports on the other side. As the name explains, the Ethernet splitter divides one Internet connection into two. Ethernet splitters are easy to use even if you are a novice. In general, two Ethernet splitters are used to split one cable into various channels.

what is ethernet splitter

How to Use Ethernet Splitter?

The Ethernet splitter helps connect the router to two devices in two rooms. Ethernet splitters are used in pairs. One combines two Ethernet signals from one device and the other separates the signals into two channels, enabling the connection of two devices. Here is the detailed operation guide.

For instance, there is a router in room A and two computers in room B but only a wall plate in each room. How do you connect them? Just use a pair of Ethernet splitters. Use splitter A and two Ethernet cables to connect to the router, and then connect this splitter to the wall plate in room A. Two Ethernet signals are combined into one here. Next, connect splitter B to the wall plate in room B so that the single signal can be unmerged in two Ethernet ports for two devices in room B.

ethernet splitter applications

If your Ethernet splitter supports PoE, you can also use it with a PoE switch to connect to two IP cameras. Some people may wonder whether they can use a single Ethernet splitter. Please note that a single splitter can only function as a network extender, and only one port is operational.

Do Ethernet Splitters Reduce Speed?

Will your network become slow using an Ethernet splitter? This is a common question asked by many people; it depends on the network you’re using. The Ethernet splitter supports Mbps speed so that it won’t slow down the speed of a 100 Mbps network. But if you use it with a router that can keep a 1 Gbps network, the splitter will definitely restrict the speed.

The Ethernet splitter is still developed on the old standard, so they have some disadvantages. For instance, each port only supports a speed of 100 Mbps and can only be connected to two devices in a room. But Ethernet splitters are also popular for their easy operation. They don’t require any configuration or complex setup, which are easy to use even for novices. And they are more cost-effective than other networking devices. Moreover, these Ethernet splitters help save cable and wall outlets while offering reliable and stable Internet connection.

Ethernet Splitter vs. Ethernet Switch

Ethernet switches or network switches are also an option to split your Ethernet. They are also connected to an Internet modem or router but differ slightly from an Ethernet splitter. An Ethernet splitter allows for two Internet connection channels over a single Ethernet cable, but if you want to connect other extra devices, the splitter is not practical. In short, if you want to connect two devices to a single Ethernet connection, the splitter is a low-cost option; but if you want to connect many devices to a single network connection, don’t hesitate to choose the Ethernet switch.

Another difference between an Ethernet splitter and switch is that network switch requires electricity. Ethernet splitters are usually used in homes, and Ethernet switches are used in homes or small businesses.

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Does an Ethernet splitter slow down speed?

You should know that Ethernet splitters can only support up to 100 Mbps speed, and using the Ethernet splitter in a Gbps network connection will restrict the speed.

Do I need an Ethernet switch or splitter?

It depends on your own needs. Ethernet switches can be your best choice if you want to connect various devices to a single network cable. 

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