DIY Projects: Exploring Different Screwdriver Bit Types


If you ask a DIYer what his most used tools in the toolbox are, the answer must be “screwdriver.” The screwdriver is widely used in daily repair to install or unscrew screws.

A screwdriver can be manual or powered, and it is composed of three parts: the handle, shaft, and driver tip. Screwdrivers come in various driver bits, and it is important to understand the types of screwdriver bits as using the wrong bits can damage screws.

This blog will not cover all kinds of screwdriver bits, but it will dive into the most common screwdriver bit types and materials.

Screwdriver Bit Types

There are a lot of screwdriver bit types on the market, but this blog will only focus on the most commonly used types for daily repair. Let’s get into these different types.

Flathead Bits

flathead bit

Flathead screwdrivers can also be named slotted screwdrivers, and they are one of the oldest screwdrivers. These old-style bits may not be widely used for residential equipment, but they are still preferred by many people in their old houses to repair the furniture. Featuring the simplest shape, flathead bits may be easy to slide out. In addition, they are not suitable for jobs that require high torques. They come in different sizes, and you should pick one that matches the width and depth of the screw head.

Flathead bits are not as popular as other screwdriver bits but are still used for old-style furniture.

Phillips Screwdriver Bit

Phillips Screwdriver Bit

The name “Phillips” was named after its inventor Henry F. Phillips and the Phillips screwdriver bits have become the most common type in the world. This crosshead screwdriver bit can provide excellent traction when tightening or loosening the screw, great for woodworking and electronic applications. Phillips screwdriver bits come in various sizes ranging from tiny to enormous size, and Phillips #2 may be the most common type. If you want to buy a Phillip screwdriver, Phillips #2 can be the most functional size.

Square Driver Bits

square driver bits

Square driver bits, also known as Robertson head, were invented in the 1900s. Square bits are seldom found in Europe, but they are common in Canada and America. This type of screwdriver bit works with a square-shaped screw. Square driver bits have become more popular nowadays because it is not easy to slip out when unscrewing or tightening the screw. Square driver bits are also available in multiple sizes, including #0, #1, #2, and #3. You may not often see these driver bits in manual applications as a Phillips bit is enough, but square driver bits are often used for impact drivers. By the way, square driver bits are very popular in Canada.

Torx Driver Bits

Torx Driver Bits

Torx bits feature a six-point star tip, so they are also known as star driver bits. Torx driver bits can resist slipping as they are designed to offer better torque without damaging the bit and screw. Torx driver bits come with sizes ranging from T1, among which T15 to T25 are often used in daily life. Larger Torx bits are mainly used for decking jobs, structural framing, and the automotive industry, while tiny Torx bits work for electronic devices, including computers and phones.

Pozidrive Bits

Pozidrive Bits

Pozidrive bits are a bit similar to Phillips bits and can be regarded as the improved version, which are widely used in Europe. Pozidrive bits have four more points than Phillips, and this shape can prevent the head from slipping from the screws for effective installation and removal. Pozidrive bits are often used in heavy-duty projects, but they can also be used in applications that a Phillips bit can be used, including daily repair and woodworking.

Hex Driver Bits

Hex Driver Bits

Hex driver bits are designed for hex-shaped screws. These bits may not be frequently used, but they play an important role in assembling furniture. If you buy some furniture from Ikea, you will surely use the hex driver bit. Hex screwdrivers or wrenches, also called Allen-type wrenches, are usually L-shaped, so they cannot be used in tight places. Hex driver bits also come in a wide range of sizes, including 1/4 inch and 1/16 inch.

Tamperproof Torx Bits

Tamperproof Torx Bits

They are Torx bits with a round hole in the middle to work with screws that have a pin. The hole helps the tool tightly inserted into the screw. Tamperproof torx screws are often found in bicycles, washing machines, and electronic devices, so tamperproof torx bits are used for these applications.

Tri-point Bits

tri-point bits

Tri-point bits, also known as Y-type screwdriver bits, have three evenly slots. Tri-point bits are slightly different from tri-wing bits and are more suitable for electronic devices and daily home repair. For example, they can be used to repair Apple phones, laptops, and iPads.

Screwdriver Bits Material

Screwdriver bits can be distinguished by their shapes, sizes, styles, and materials. Now that you have learned about types of screwdriver bits, it’s time to know different screwdriver bit materials. Most standard screwdriver bits on the market are made of steel, and here are some common materials.

Cr-Mo or Cr-V

Chromium-molybdenum Steel (Cr-Mo) and Chrome Vanadium Steel (Cr-V) are both great materials for making wrenches and screwdrivers; both are hard and rust-resistant to create a quality tool. The main difference between Cr-Mo and Cr-V is the weight of molybdenum or vanadium. And Cr-Mo sometimes may cost more than Cr-V. But you will find that Cr-V is the general material for screwdrivers.

S2 Tool Steel

S2 alloy steel is also an excellent material for making screwdriver bits. They perform well in hardness, impact and wear resistance after heat treatment. Compared to CR-V steel, S2 tool steel is more suitable for heavy-duty work and offers longer service life.

Screwdriver Bit Set

Screwdriver bits are designed to be fitted into the end of a screwdriver. If you buy different types of screwdrivers, they may be heavy and inconvenient to carry around. Why not buy the screwdriver bit set for daily repair? Precision screwdriver sets are best for you if you want to repair and DIY small items. They usually come with different screwdriver bits for various electronic devices, including tablets, phones, gaming consoles, cameras, etc.

precision screwdriver bit sets

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