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Fiber Optic Network: Enhance Your Connectivity

Fiber Optic Network: Enhance Your Connectivity

With the increasing need for high-speed, stable internet to support bandwidth-intensive applications like VR and AI technology, the fiber optic network has stood out as a new standard for high-speed connectivity. But...

FBT vs PLC splitter

FBT vs PLC Splitter: Essential Differences You Should Know

There are mainly two technologies for manufacturing optical splitters, according to which we can divide the optical splitters into two types: fused biconical taper splitter (FBT splitter) and planar lightwave...

Fiber Patch Cord Types

Fiber Patch Cord Types: How to Choose the Correct One?

More and more households subscribe to fiber Internet and fiber patch cords have been widely used in FTTH and other data communications. But many people may be perplexed about various fiber optic patch...