Coax Keystone Coupler VCELINK



  • Metal Part Material: Copper
  • Coating Material: Nickel Plated
  • Plastic Part Material: POM
  • Pass Through 75ohm Coax Signal
  • Package: 5 Pieces x RG6 Keystone Jacks
  • 12-Month Warranty & Lifetime Product Support
Coax Keystone Coupler VCELINK
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Coax Keystone Coupler VCELINK

VCELINK RG6 keystone insert allows for quick and secure connection of RG6 coaxial cables to wall-mounted UHD televisions. It eliminates the need for complex tools or skills and significantly reduces installation time compared to running long coaxial cables on the floor. With the F-type plug connector, you can quickly connect the line and immediately enjoy high-quality images and sound without spending much time and effort on wiring.

Our RG6 F-type connector plug is made of high-quality materials to ensure reliable connection and stable signal transmission. Say goodbye to signal interruptions, blurry images, or noise interference. You can confidently indulge in high-definition audiovisual content with crystal-clear audio effects.

These connectors are versatile and suitable for various devices and scenarios. They are compatible with wall-mounted UHD televisions and with satellite TV receivers, audio systems, and other video devices. Achieving efficient connections between devices is a breeze, whether at home or in the office.

In your home theatre experience, the RG6 F-type connector plug is the perfect solution to enhance your audiovisual effects. It is easy to install, saves time, and maintains a clean and aesthetic scene. The superior quality and reliability ensure a high-quality viewing experience without signal interruptions, blurry images, or noise interference.

Whether a home theatre or an office meeting room, the coax keystone insert meets all your connection needs and delivers incredible results. Trust in our expertise to provide the best product for optimizing your audiovisual experience.

Suitable for HD Video

It is rated up to 3 GHz for HD video streaming applications.

Reliable Signal Transmission

Nickel-plated F-Connector housing, corrosion-resistant, virtually no signal loss.

Easy to Install

Snap-in design, easy to remove and replace. Fast connection for two rg6 coaxial cables.

Keystone Jack Convenience

F-type keystone, compatible with all standard size 1 to 6 Port Low-Profile Wall Plates.

Snap into module patch panels.

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  • Are these UL listed or liated by another USA approved listing agency?

    Dear customer,
    Thanks for your inquiry! The plastic part is UL-listed material, and this wholesale keystone jack is also CE certificated.
    If any problems, feel free to contact us!
    Best Regards!
    VCELINK Sales Team