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In the world of a permanent network installation, a seemingly small but vital tool plays an important role - the Ethernet punch-down tool. Ethernet punch-down tools feature a diverse array of blades, such as Krone, 110, and 66 blades, and come in different styles tailored to meet specific needs.

Terminating keystone jacks can be time-consuming with a regular Ethernet punch-down tool, and we proudly introduce our new Ethernet punch-down tool. This keystone punch-down tool helps enhance the efficiency of punching down a large number of keystone jacks. Let’s dive into this keystone jack tool in this blog.

Walk Through the EZ Keystone Jack Tool

A punch-down tool, also known as an impact tool, is a hand tool used to terminate keystone jacks or patch panels. The regular punch-down tool, like the 110 or Krone, usually features a spring-loaded mechanism that offers a strong impact for securing wires into connectors. The punch-down tool is a critical component in structured cabling systems and data networks. To improve the efficiency of keystone jack termination, you can look at our latest keystone jack tool - the EZ Keystone Jack Tool

Let's delve into the components of our EZ Keystone Jack Tool:

punch down tool construction

  • Tool Head: The tool head has flush cutters on two sides. The dual-purpose functionality allows you to punch down and trim excess copper wires at the same time.
  • Comfortable GripMade of PP, the grip is designed to provide added comfort when terminating keystone jacks. The ergonomic grip helps reduce hand fatigue.
  • Iron LockThe EZ keystone jack tool is equipped with an iron lock mechanism that enables you to lock the tool when it is unused.
  • Lock Ring:The lock ring is adjustable, but it is usually unnecessary to adjust it for regular use.


  • Features sharp SK5 blades for easy punching down
  • Effectively increases the success of terminating keystone jacks
  • Enhances keystone jack termination speed and accuracy
  • Ends up fatigued hands or fingers with the comfortable PP grip
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Easy to punch down keystone jacks with a single action, suitable for network beginners
  • Great for large network installations
  • Features a locking clip to keep the tool closed when not in use

Only compatible with VCELINK 90-degree, unshielded keystone jacks (C265-6 & C265-6A)

How to Use Our Ethernet Punch-Down Tool?

Whether you’re a professional installer, technician, DIY enthusiast, or network novice, our EZ keystone jack tool is easy to use. Here is the ultimate guide to use this EZ punch-down tool. (Used with our Cat6 keystone jack)

  1. Use the mini wire stripper to strip the cable’s outer jacket and cut the spline.
  2. Separate eight copper wires pair by pair and insert them into the keystone jack slots according to the T568B wiring scheme. (T568A or T568B wiring is printed on the keystone jack.)
  3. Unlock the EZ keystone jack tool and place the 90-degree keystone jack into the cavity of the punch-down tool. Tightly press the tool handle to close the mechanism. All copper wires are punched down at one strike.
  4. The last step is to cover the cap on the keystone jack.

How to Maintain Punch Down Tools?

Our EZ keystone jack tool requires less maintenance, but here are some notices:

  1. Do not use oil to lubricate the tool head!
  2. The spring mechanism can be used for a long time, but if you often use the punch down tool, you should lubricate it for easy use. Place some drops of oil on the hinge mechanism for a smooth operation.
  3. Blades on the tool head can be dull with frequent use, but you can replace them yourself. Use a flathead screwdriver to pry off the back of the tool head. Then, slowly remove the old head with blades and install a new tool head. Be careful not to hurt yourself when replacing the tool head.

Some of our customers found that there are some occasions when the copper wires cannot be fully cut and trimmed. That is a normal condition, and you can slightly pull wires to remove them. In most cases, these copper wires are easy to punch down and flush cut.

Here is a detailed tutorial video to help you use our Ethernet punch down tool:

Watch on YouTube: "Sample output of devtools-to-video cli tool"

Final Thoughts

A simple yet versatile tool is of great benefit to your project. Our Ethernet punch-down tool simplifies the process of terminating keystone jacks and reduces the time required to complete structured cabling systems. The EZ punch-down tool requires no special skills, making it accessible to individuals with varying levels of experience. But it should be noted that this punch down tool is only compatible with our 90-degree unshielded keystone jacks.

For more information on this topic, you can keep up on our blogs. While VCELINK offers general and basic information for our customers and other visitors to the website, it’s not professional advice.

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