Ethernet Cable Crimping Tool Kit VCELINK



  • 1 x RJ45 Pass-through Crimper (GJ671BL)
  • 1 x Cable Snips (GJ706BL)
  • 1 x RJ45 Wire Stripper (GJ501A)
  • 1 x RJ45 Cable Tester (GJ468)
  • 50 x Cat7 Pass-through Plugs (SJ657)
  • 50 x Cat6a RJ45 Boots (SR123)
  • 12-month Warranty & Lifetime Product Support
Ethernet Cable Crimping Tool Kit VCELINK
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Ethernet Cable Crimping Tool Kit VCELINK

VCELINK RJ45 tool kit is used to make Cat7 or Cat6a patch cables, you can match different products according to your needs. This set of tools collects a variety of functions such as stripping and crimping, so whether you are a novice or a skilled worker, you can find the set you need.

RJ45 crimping tool with Cat7 RJ45 connector can be used to make Cat6a, and Cat7 network cables, the metal housing has good shielding and low loss. The perforated design makes him easier to install.

If you don't find a satisfactory Ethernet cable crimping tool kit, please contact us, or email us.

VCELINK RJ45 Crimping Tool (GJ671BL)

-Widely compatible with 8P8C RJ45 connector and 6P6C, 6P4C RJ11 RJ12 telephone connector;

-Suitable for shielded modular plugs to crimper the metal dovetail clip, especially for pass-through dovetail modular plugs;

-The body of the RJ45 crimper is made of Q235 carbon steel for high strength, good quality, and long service life;-Its blades are made of SK5 carbon steel, very sharp. So it is easy to cut off the wire cores;

-The compact size fits in any pocket, or tool pouch, so it is more convenient for storage and portability;

VCELINK Cable Wire Snip (GJ706B)

-The side cutters are suitable for cutting off 0-2mm copper wire (12-46AWG);

-Not for hard or thick things, like steel wire or other hard material steel;

-Only 50 grams, light-weight and portable;

-Equipped with 1 sheath to protect the cutting edge;

VCELINK Adjustable Wire Stripper (G501A)

-Widely used for stripping RG59, RG6, RG7, and RG11 Coax cables, as well as Cat.5 and Cat.6 network cables and phone cables;

-Adjustable blade, suitable for a wide range of usage;

VCELINK RJ45 Pass-through Connector (SJ657)

-With the pass-through design, the order of the cabling can be checked twice for the connector;

-The assembling process is much easier than the conventional type. It can help reduce the error rate;

-CAT7 performance supports higher data transfer rates up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet;

-50μ copper alloy, the thickened gold plating contact plate reduces signal interference;

-High-quality and tough polycarbonate shrapnel can be folded over 180° several times.

VCELINK RJ45 Boots (SR123OG)

-Use with solid or stranded round RJ45 cable and connector;

-Compatible with Cat6A/Cat7 cables and RJ45, 8P8C modular plug, for ethernet cable OD 7~8 mm;

-Protect the cable and prevent dust and water from entering the plugs, extending the life of your cables;

-Multi colors available, choose your favorite color.

Learn more from What is an RJ45 Crimping Tool? RJ45 Connector 101: Everything You Want to Know.





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