Pass Through RJ45 Crimper VCELINK



  • RJ45/RJ11/RJ12 Connector Crimping
  • Size: 5.31'' x 2.36'' (13.5cm x 6cm)
  • Equipped with Dovetail Crimp Function
  • 12-months Warranty & Lifetime Product Support
Pass Through RJ45 Crimper VCELINK
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Durable Construction

-Q235 carbon steel provides high strength, good durability, and long service life;

-SK5 blades offer fast, sharp, and precision cutting.

Thoughtful Design

-The ergonomic and non-slip handle ensures a comfortable grip and a perfect fit in the hand, reducing fatigue during extensive use;

-The crimper's compact size allows it to easily fit in any pocket or tool pouch, enhancing its portability and making it simple to store;

- A safety lock is designed for easy carrying and storage.

Easy to Use

High-precision crimping and adjustable screw make this RJ45 crimping tool easy to use for both novices and professionals.

Versatile Use

-This versatile crimping tool is suitable for telephone modular plugs like RJ11 and RJ12 connectors;

-Ideal for non-pass-thru and pass-thru RJ45 connectors, including Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, and Cat7 connectors;

-Suitable for crimping shielded Ethernet connectors with ground collars.

VCELINK Pass-Through RJ45 Crimper is ideal for both pass-thru and non-pass-thru RJ45 connectors. It can also be used for crimping telephone connectors like RJ11 and RJ12. This Cat6 Ethernet crimping tool is particularly effective for shielded modular plugs, ensuring a reliable crimp of the metal ground collar. It is a good helper for home and office network installation. If you're new to network installation, the Ethernet Cable Crimping Tool Kit is your prior choice.

The Use of "CAT5" and "CAT7" modes

“CAT5" & "CAT7" modes on GJ671BL may confuse you. So, how to choose the right mode? Generally, " CAT5" mode is ideal for Cat5e/Cat6 connectors and "CAT7" mode is for Cat6a/Cat7 connectors. But in fact, the "CAT5" mode is used to press RJ45 connectors with a strain latch so that the network cable can be fixed tightly.

VCELINK Crimping Tool

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Ask a Question
  • If I need to crimp cat5e do I use the bottom or top hole? In other words, the screw is in the bottom hole or the top hole position?

    Dear customer, 
    Thanks for your inquiry! CaAT5 mode is ideal for Cat5e and Cat6 plugs crimping. So the screw needs to be in the bottom hole position.
    Best Regards!

  • How do you change the crimping tool for cat 7 to cat 5? If I have a cat 6 cable what setting should I have it?

    Generally, we suggets Cat5e, Cat6 connectors use "CAT5" mode, and Cat6a, Cat7 connectors use "CAT7" mode. You can check the picture on the product page. It shows the different modes of the applicable RJ45 connectors. In fact, the easiest way to tell is to check if your RJ45 connector has a strain latch, and if so, use "CAT5" mode.

  • Does this crimper work for non-pass-thru rj45 connectors as well?

    Dear customer, thanks for your inquiry! Yes, this crimper is both suitable for pass-through & non-pass-through connectors.